If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I know what it’s like to try and stand out when marketing a property. I was a real estate professional for many years, so I know the ongoing challenges of trying to create a visual impact that conveys the best of that property. My services are geared to helping you do exactly that!

My name is Marc Jacobs and the sole purpose of my work is to help serious real estate professionals, home builders, commercial property owners and homeowners with visual marketing to increase sales & branding. 

Do you need high-quality photography? I am a Real Estate & Landscape Photographer who leverages my 18+ years of experience as a real estate sales professional to quickly zero in on the most important selling features of a property. I use natural light with professional-grade equipment to capture these features. Then I add in exceptional editing techniques to make your images stand out.

My long-time clients will tell you that I have become their "marketing partner" by being straightforward, offering exceptional value and service, easy to work with, creative and responsive. I treat their clients as if they're my own, and my goal is always to capture the best of someone's property.