Terms of service


Bookings can be made online at www.marcjacobsphotography.net or you can contact Marc at 518-226-9500

The Shoot: 

It is not necessary for the Agent, Homeowner, or Tenant to be present. However, if the Agent, Homeowner, or Tenant wishes to remain in the home during the shoot I ask that they stay in one location and do not follow the photographer around. 


Please make sure pets are contained during the shoot. Pets are never included in photos and need to be out of the way while photos are being taken.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellation or re-scheduling is necessary please give 24 hours notice. If 24 hours notice is not

given the photographer reserves the right to charge a $75 cancellation fee.

Re-Shoots / Disputes:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your photos you have 3 days from the date you received

your photos to arrange a second visit. If you do not dispute the photos within this time period but

require new photos, another shoot will be scheduled and standard fees will apply.


Payment can be made online via Paypal, Venmo, major credit card, or email transfer. 

Photo Delivery: 

Once the photos are taken they will be edited , optimized for quality, and delivered to you via email.

Photo Rights and Usage:

The photographer reserves the right to use photos for future marketing purposes and to post to stock photo sites.

All photos produced for the client may be used by that Agent/Homeowner for all marketing associated with the current sale of the property in accordance with local MLS rules. Please note that the photos will be copyrighted by the photographer. A license will be granted only to the Agent/Homeowner and their MLS and NOT

any other party. 

Any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to: agents, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by Marc Jacobs.

Update 7/4/2021